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What Is Addiction and How do You Get Help

Addiction is a major public health challenge. That’s because the impacts of addiction go beyond the individual. They also have an effect on families and society and exact enormous costs in health care, law enforcement, lost productivity, and more. Sadly, the types of addictions facing our country are numerous with more people dying of a heroin overdose every year.

The good news is, for both substance abuse addictions and behavioral addictions, treatment and detox services are available. That doesn’t mean encountering types of addictions is easy. But treatment can and does work especially for opioid addiction treatment.

Learning more about the types of addictions can help in many ways, one of which is being able to identify the signs and encourage individuals to get help and seek out addiction treatment and detox.

Addictions to Substances

The best-known of the types of addictions are ones involving substance abuse. The United States faces many difficulties from substance abuse addictions especially in the face of a heroin drug crisis. Some of these issues have escalated into public health emergencies, such as the opioid epidemic. Many rehab centers have really stepped up and are treating clients for the goal of lasting recovery

What types of addictions to substances are the most prevalent? The list is long and doesn’t necessarily involve only illegal substances. The type addiction treatment needed includes

These types of addictions vary in severity and their treatments can last different lengths of time. Let a recovery facility near you, develop a treatment plan that fits your circumstances.

Types of Behavioral Addictions

Science has come to recognize that the mechanisms of addiction extend beyond substance abuse and into behavior. The principles are the same, however – the addiction triggers a “re-wiring” of the brain to dwell on unhealthy types of habits and requires an addiction treatment program that can treat the whole self, often rehab programs will have individualized recovery options to ensure lasting recovery.

In the case of behavioral addictions, it’s an action rather than a substance that becomes an obsession, and it leads to dangerous consequences for a person’s quality of life. Thankfully, behavioral or “process” addictions can also be helped through treatment.

The list of behavioral addictions is expanding as technology changes. Smartphone adoption, for instance, has resulted in new behavioral addictions. Some of the types of addictions require special programs to treat the addiction like

What makes repeated involvement in these behaviors into an addiction is how they affect your lifestyle. Members in Tennessee have said that a Tennessee heroin rehab center offers them the best treatment because in cases where treatment is close to home you can address the severe problems in relationships, financially, in careers, or with the law. So when deciding where you receive treatment whether at a San Francisco Rehab Center or North Carolina Rehab Center.

Alcohol is one of the most prevalent addictions because of its ease of access. Mamy people think drinking to destress is a normal occurrence but in some cases it can negatively affect you live, relationships, work, and health and ignoring these negative outcomes may mean you have a alcohol addiction, some common alcohol addiction treatment options include

And in many cases men may want to receive gender specific treatment because often its easier for them to relate to others during their recovery, and a mens addiction treatment program is often more geared towards issues concerning mens addiction.

The same goes for women in recovery many of the struggles faced women and factors they face in life are completely different than men and having recovery that is gender specific to the women's addiction can really help women in recovery find help. Often women's addiction treatment centers will have programs designed with therapy and counseling to help give women a comprehensive recovery program based on their individual needs

Getting the Help You Deserve

Treatment is available, with a good track record of success, for both substance abuse treatment and behavioral addictions. Each case is different. But the stages of treatment are standard across all types of addictions. These include:

  • Health assessment

  • Treatment plan

  • Detox (for certain substance abuse addictions)

  • Counseling

  • Aftercare (to guard against relapse)

While the various types of addictions pose great problems for individuals and society, addiction treatment can get them under control.

There will be differences in the intensity and construction of the phases of treatment between substance abuse and behavioral addictions. But the goal is the same: to de-program the brain, develop healthy habits and responses, and rebuild sobriety.

No one sets out with the goal of becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, or certain behaviors. But it does happen, unfortunately. And when it does, the team at a Recovery center will be ready. Contact a counselor nearby calling a rehab center today and setting up an initial appointment.

The term substance use disorder is often used, but not always understood. It occurs when a person uses drugs or alcohol, and that use begins to interfere with other areas of their life. This disorder is one that has no cure, but it can be improved upon with the right access to an addiction rehab center. Our team at Integrative Life Center can provide you with the right type of support and guidance for your needs.

Understanding Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder is another term for addiction. This condition impacts both the behavior and the brain’s function. It often leads to an inability for a person to control their drug or alcohol use, especially over the long term. The substance involved can be an illicit substance. It could be a prescription medication. In other cases, it may be nicotine, alcohol or heroin in such cases its best to see a rehab center that specializes in that substance abuse treatment. Many rehab facilities offer heroin treatment programs geared towards that drug. No matter what the substance is, it becomes difficult for a person to continue to use the substance and function normally.

Do You Have Symptoms of Addiction?

Some people use drugs and alcohol without developing substance use disorder. For others, it happens sooner than most. Take into consideration some of the most common symptoms of addiction and what it can mean for you.

  • Drug or alcohol use that is consistent, daily or several times a day

  • Maintaining a supply of the substance is important to you

  • Cravings or urges to use the drug that you cannot stop

  • Using the drug even though you know there are negative consequences for doing so

  • Trying to stop using it and failing

  • Increasing usage of the drug

  • Putting drug use over other responsibilities and obligations

If you find yourself engaging in drug or alcohol use even though you know it is dangerous, unhealthy for you, or even risky for your wellbeing, and yet you cannot stop, that is a clear indication of a need to get drug addiction help.

What Happens If You Do Not Get Help?

There is no way to know the outcome. However, most people will need to continue to increase the amount of their substance in order to continue to get the same effects from it. In addition, some people suffer an overdose, a sudden and life-threatening condition. Still, others suffer cognitive function decline, liver disease, kidney disease, and cancers. Some have heart-related problems.

It can also lead to failed relationships. You may lose your job because you cannot maintain your responsibilities. Substance use disorder can often lead to complex financial problems, too.

Substance Use Treatment Programs Can Help You

What’s most important to know is that there is help available to you. Substance abuse treatment programs, like the ones we use here at Integrative Life Center, can provide you with the one-on-one support you need to heal. That means breaking your addiction and dependency on the substance. It can also mean learning how to cope with underlying mental health problems, stress, and relationship complications. Some people also struggle with past trauma. These programs are designed to provide you with tools to help you rebuild your life and overcome the substance use disorder. There is no cure for addiction, but there are numerous treatment options that can help you regain control over your future. Some of our programs include:

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